Corporate Luncheon Sandwiches  (served on rolls or assorted breads) Our own store baked meats
-Roast Beef
-Genoa Salami

Our own Home Style Salads
-Chicken Salad
-Ham Salad
-Tuna Salad
-Egg Salad
-Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad
-Italian Combo: (Pepperoni, Ham,  Genoa Salami,  Cappicola, w/ provolone cheese) Wraps
-Vegetarian style: (hummus, cucumbers, cheese, lettuce & tomato)
-Roast beef w/ horseradish sauce
-Grilled marinated chicken breast, cheddar cheese, w/ ranch dressing
-Tuna salad
-Sliced turkey breast w/cranberry sauce

(Above sandwiches &  wraps are plattered – come with lettuce , tomato and condiments on the side.)

Your choice of salad
-Red potato w/egg

-Marinated Coleslaw
-Sundried tomato pasta


-Broccoli w/ bacon

-4 Bean Salad

-Garden salad w/dressing

Potato Chips, Pickles, Cookies & Drinks

Lots of Other Favorite Choices-Baked Chicken
-Baked Ziti
-Chicken Wings w/bleu cheese dressing
-Sausage and peppers
-Macaroni & Cheese
-Any item listed in our Prepared Foods section.
-Soup of the day
-Cookie & Brownie        trays